Witch Hazel Benefits In Skincare

A Natural Beauty Ingredient

There are so many witch hazel benefits when it comes to the beauty world for it has natural anti-inflammatory properties that make it a good skin-soothing ingredient.  Sought out this natural beauty is a humble but amazing native North American shrub that is rare among flowering plants. It has delicate, spidery blossoms that open in late fall, alongside last year’s fruits, it is a flower that will continue blooming as late as December or January. A strong and powerful antioxidant, witch hazel is known to have calming components that reduce swelling.  It is also known to help repair scarred skin, shrink and tighten pores and it also fights bacteria. All reason the benefits of witch hazel leave you with glowing skin.

A Short History of the Uses of Witch Hazel

The botanic name for witch hazel is Hamamelis virginiana. The generic name comes to Hippocrates who called it Hamamelis. Taking two Greek words meaning apple and together, many say he was referring to the habit of the plant to bloom at the same time that last year’s fruits are maturing and dispersing. Native Americans, including the Cherokee, used the tree for a variety of medicinal purposes for healing cuts and abrasions and to make a wash for sore eyes.  A steam distillate of freshly harvested twigs does not get more natural than that. Both the bark and the leaves are highly astringent, though the bark is most often used. The plant contains an abundance of natural tannins that have the ability to shrink inflamed, swollen tissue and tighten pores. The beneficial effect of Witch Hazel on the skin even extends to aiding the healing of scars.

Top 10 Witch Hazel Benefits

    1. When applied to your face a witch hazel toner can heal the skin while at the same time it can feel so refreshing.
    2. It fights skin aging and leaves the skin moisturized, hydrated, and fresh.
    3. Brightens up those dull tired fine lines and wrinkles and uncover super healthy glowing skin.
    4. Use near your eye area and say bye-bye to those eye bags!
    5. Witch hazel benefits in tightening skin and reducing inflammation.
    6. It is a natural beauty remedy for treating the discoloration and puffiness around the eyes
    7. Long used as an astringent, time and time again history has seen witch hazel in a variety of personal-care products.
    8. After cleansing your face in a skincare routine, a toner mist will remove any traces of facial cleansing product leaving your skin ready for beauty treatments.
    9. It’s a great relief for itching skin.
    10. Even those with sensitive skin can use a toner mist with witch hazel.

A Witch Hazel Toner Miracle

Is What You Need In Your Anti-Aging Skincare Routine

To enhance your skincare regime when you take the Witch Hazel benefits as we have seen above and combine with Green Tea you get a double dose of so many health benefits for your skin. Together they increase skin elasticity, reduce the appearance of pores, and gives your skin a youthful glow. 

Dr. Pratt’s Super Skin Miracle Toner

With so many anti-aging toners out in the beauty market, so many claims to do miracles for your skin yet many actually can burn your skin. Now Dr. Pratt has come to the rescue with the Super Skin Miracle Toner Mist. With its witch hazel benefits, this toner mist will purify, plump, and protect your skin. Healthy glowing skin healthy that is radiant is the bonus.

A Toner Mist Miracle Combo:

Witch Hazel and Green Tea

Generally speaking, a toner mist is an astringent liquid that is formulated to gently clean the skin and reduce the appearance of pores. Take the combination of the witch hazel benefits as we have seen, add some green tea and you have a duo that works to make skin tighter and firmer. Green Tea’s antioxidant richness fights off all the free radicals responsible for wrinkles and age spots. With Dr. Pratt’s SuperSkin Miracle Toner Mist you can do all this while leaving your skin fresh, hydrated, and feeling so smooth. Its truly will be one of the most refreshing part of your skincare routine and the bonus is you will have super healthy glowing skin.