Anti-Aging Beauty Vitamins

Over time many factors contribute to changes in our hair, nails, and skin. Our diet, our environment our genetic factors, and of course our lifestyle, all contribute to how we look and age. When you add up all these factors is it any wonder they can all affect the pigmentation of our skin, its elasticity, how well our skin hydrates, the thickness, and shine of our hair, skin, and nails. Outward appearance is a reflection of our internal cellular and metabolic health. Dietary supplementation with specific, scientifically studied nutrients can help to improve our appearance and give us that younger-looking glow we are all after.
Douglas Laboratories is committed to staying at the forefront of new research where the science of supplementation and beauty intersect.
And Dr. Pratt.

Douglas Labs must have Skin Protect vitamins to deliver a clinically studied combination of the antioxidants carnosic acid, lycopene, phytoene, and phytofluene to promote smooth, healthy skin from the inside out while helping to protect from damage caused by UV sunlight exposure and environmental stresses.

Skin Protect Softgel Vitamin

This amazing dietary supplement is formulated with plant extracts and antioxidants that will make your skin radiate! Your dry skin will be hydrated leaving you with a younger-looking appearance. Taken 2 times a day Dr. Pratt recommends this vitamin for those that want to support their skin’s health while at the same time protecting your skin from the effects of both UVA and UVB light.
For the best skin protection from UV light damage (yes both UVA and UVB), “Skin Protect” soft gel vitamins from Douglas Labs was formulated for you

Douglas Lab – SkinAx2™ and Ceramosides™ Promote Skin Hydration and Radiance

As we age, skin production of collagen declines, which can impact skin elasticity and moisture retention. In addition, environmental stressors can result in damage to the skin cells, which may cause changes in coloration and turnover.
SkinAx2™ is a specialized nutrient blend of clinically studied ingredients containing polyphenolic compounds from grape seed, superoxide dismutase concentrate from melon, vitamin C, and zinc. These are antioxidants that promote skin radiance by supporting healthy skin color, elasticity, and facial luminosity to brighten dull complexions.
Lipids called ceramides from wheat seed oil are the major constituents between the skin’s layers that hold in moisture. Ceramosides™ phytoceramides have been shown to help support skin moisture 15 days after being taken orally.