Dr. Steven G. Pratt, M.D, FACS, A.B.I.H.M.

Dr. Steven G. Pratt, M.D., is a world-renowned authority on the role of nutrition and lifestyle in the prevention of disease and optimization of health. Not only is he a medical doctor but he is board certified in Holistic Medicine.

As an author of several books including SuperFoods Rx: Fourteen Foods that Will Change Your Life, SuperFoods HealthStyle: Simple changes to get the most out of life for the rest of your life, SuperFoods Rx Diet: Lose Weight with the Power of SuperNutrients, and SuperHealth: 6 Simple Steps, 6 Easy Weeks, 1 Longer, Healthier Life. SuperFoods for Pregnancy, The Right Choices for Healthy, Smart Superbaby. Dr. Pratt teaches that if your “tank” is filled with the right foods, you will increase your chances of living a longer, healthier life.

Dr. Pratt has been on the Oprah Show where Oprah Winfrey nicknamed him “The Food Dude.” He has also been on The View, The Today Show, CNN, and many other TV and radio shows.

Dr. Pratt also stresses that while diet and physical activity are essential, super health is achieved by adopting a network of efforts, including sleep and stress management. With health being his passion, Dr. Pratt has worked with the Denver public school district to incorporate a superfoods breakfast and lunch program. It is a huge success and now schools in Florida want to do the same thing.
With Dr. Pratt’s enthusiasm and carefully picked Super Foods, he makes a healthy lifestyle a fun, enjoyable, and lifelong endeavor.

Dr. Steven Pratt as seen on “Oprah” 
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Oprah calls Dr. Pratt the “SuperFoods Dude!


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